New Reviews of Biographies & Etc.

"The will to win is not nearly as important as the the will to prepare to win! "  Bobby Knight

More Than Money by Neil Cavuto, ReganBooks (Harper Collins Publisher), 2004


This is an amazing collection of life experiences.  The author is the host of Your World with Neil Cavuto, a business news show on Fox news.  Neil's story alone is one of courage and fortitude.  In 1987 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a form of cancer.  After a year of intensive chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer was in remission.  Then in 1997 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  An entire volume could be written about his battle with these two incurable diseases.  But instead this is a story of twenty or so people who overcome seemingly impossible odds.  Some were born with great handicaps, some with life threatening diseases and others lost loved ones.  It is not about money, it's about surviving with grace and going on to make a difference in others lives.  A heart warming book that makes us realize just how fortunate we are.   



American Solider, by General Tommy Franks,  ReganBooks (Harper Collins Publishers) 2004


From a Texas kid who quit college to the leader of the most awesome military force the world has seen - this is the real life story of an American soldier.  Tommy Franks tells it all.  It is much more than the story of the Afghan and Iraqi wars.  It is his life told without reservation, his experiences as a kid, a young officer in Vietnam,  and his life long ambition to make the Army a faster more flexible fighting machine using all the latest technology.  He weaves together his personal life experiences and his military career rising to a four star general.  It's just a great story and gave me a whole new perspective  of  military life.  I have found a new appreciation of the sacrifices of the  twenty year old soldiers and the seasoned officers when I see films of Iraq.  Tommy Franks experienced it all, from a young soldier wounded in Vietnam to a outstanding leader of our Army.  His life is about grace, compassion, and leadership, but most of all it is about commitment.


Big Russ & Me, by Tim Russert, Miramax Books


"As your namesake, St. Luke, tells us. To whom much is given much is expected."

This is a quote from the epilogue and actually provides  a real insight into what the author wants to  convey to his audience.   No matter how great the success that Tim achieved he never forgot his teachers and mentors.  He values most of all the many important lessons his dad taught him. To this day he often asks his dad advice on almost every subject.  He recognizes and appreciates that his achievements are founded on the moral upbringing provided by his parents and the teachers at the Catholic schools he attended.  From just a kid raised in South Buffalo, New York to one of the most admired journalists,

 this is a story that makes you realize that good guys do finish first and they never forget why.  The lessons taught by Big Russ to Tim are the same lessons that Tim is passing on to his son Luke, lesson to live by everyday.