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Superior Customer Service (SCS) is the one,  major factor that elevates the independent dealer above all the competitors.  It is, in many cases, the one and only reason that the consumer frequents your business. The "BIG BOYS"  know that customer service is important, and they are starting to make inroads in this area.  If you donít believe me, go into a Sears Hardware store.  First, someone will greet you at the door.  Then, as you browse the aisles,  you will almost certainly be asked by a sales associate, at least two or three times,  how they can help. As you check out,  you will surely be asked if you found everything you were looking for.  Greeting shoppers at the door, by the sales people, is a condition of employment.  Sears knows something you need to know.  A customer that is greeted as they enter,  will spend at least 20% more time in  the store, and will likely spend  20-30% more money.

I know  - It's busy,  the service department is backed up three weeks,  and you are going nuts.  A customer comes in the front door, and you just donít have time to answer her "million" questions. Well,  if you canít find a way to spend time in the showroom,  you are throwing away a lot of profits.

This is where I can help. 
I have experienced this dilemma.
I have found solutions.

SCS applies to the service and parts areas as well.  I have developed methods to make sure that you always exceed the customerís expectations for service and parts availability and delivery.  The goal of the service department of a local home and garden center was that "only" 25% of their repairs came back for redo - ONLY 25%!  What is your acceptable "failure rate"? Do track it: by technician, by brand, by type of repair?  When you tell customer that the special part ordered will be next Tuesday, is there a chance it wonít be, even ordered by then?  How many times do you have to tell the customer that the part isnít in yet, or that it is on backorder?  How many parts sales have you lost, because you donít stock the part, or are out of it?

I have developed ways to improve your margins in the showroom, parts department, and service area and provide SCS.  I can help, by providing a number of services.  I will tailor these to your business and work with you and your staff to maximize the effectiveness of your strengths.  Contact me,  and we will discuss ways that I can help.  This help may be eligible for co-op assistance from your suppliers.    


Customers for Life

If you are providing Superior Customer Service,  you are well on the way to keeping those valuable customers for life.  I donít believe there are many customers who will look elsewhere for products or services, if you give them superior service.  I am sure that you have heard the comparison of what it costs to gain a new customer versus keeping an "old" one.   Advertising is expensive,  and you need to manage those dollars slated for advertising wisely.

I decided that, in order to understand the equipment and services needs of the Lawn Maintenance Professional,  it was best  to go to work for our area's best.  This company provides such SCS that they have never spent a dime on advertising.  In fact,  the owner turns down a significant amount of work every month. He has instilled a tradition of SCS in his workers, to the point that he very seldom needs to double-check their work.  Some of his customers have been with him for twenty years.

During my years in the OPE business,  I sold many of our customers two mowers. Those were Toro or Honda mowers,  and they last along time.  Hence, these customers were "Customers for Life".

I would like to share my formula for keeping  Customers for Life.   I am sure that I can make your advertising dollars go further.  When you advertise a new product, you wonít have sell your business, because your customers already trust and count on you and your staff.  I can show you ways to keep your customers from even looking at the ads of the BIG BOYS,  and your other competitors.  The tips you will learn will work -  whether you a one-man shop,  or have multiple stores

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