THE NO SPIN ZONE, by Bill O'Reilly Broadway Books 2001

   Love or hate him there just doesn't seem to be any middle ground when you ask people about Bill O'Reilly.  However, I believe if you listen to what he has to say the more than a few would conclude that he doesn't ask easy questions nor does he allow the people he interviews to spin the truth. Read this book and you find that Bill isn't who you think he is.  Most believe that he is a conservative. But, in his own words he says the politician he most admired is Bobby Kennedy.  He doesn't believe in the death penalty. he believes in the stringent control of hard drugs, but would decriminalize marijuana use. If the automakers don't produce more fuel efficient cars he thinks the government ought to slap a huge tax on them. Those beliefs sure don't seem consistent with being a conservative to me. (For more of his beliefs read pages 174 and 175.) I sure don't agree with him 100 percent of the time and think he unfairly attacks certain individuals. I do believe he a good reporter and helps in getting out the truth.  The more you dislike him the more I recommend you read this book.  I won't be so naive to think that it will change your opinion but I am convinced you will find a side of him that you didn't want to admit existed. 



  LET FREEDOM RING  by Sean Hannity, Regan Books, 2002


   I can't find any better way of describing, in a few words, the essence of this book than "Let Freedom Ring".  Sean who is host of a national radio show and co-host of "Hannity and Coombs" on Fox news explains how our basic freedoms are being attacked and what we need to do to protect them.  Yes he is a staunch conservative and firmly believes in a smaller government, school vouchers, a strong military and other conservative doctrines.  But what I found interesting was his search and organization  of the facts that support his beliefs.  He never rants or raves.  He simply presents his ideas then goes about proving he is right.  As a example the author believes we are over taxed.  he could have waved his arms and yell we are taxed too much.  Instead, he presents the facts like in 1900 the total taxes per household were $1900. (Adjusted to year 2000 dollars)  In 1950 $11,000 and in 1999 $30,000.  I suggest you read this book.  Because wherever you reside on the political landscape you will be treated to  many important facts and a road map on how to keep America free.



WHAT COLOR IS A CONSERVATIVE (My life and my politics)  BY J. C. Watts Jr. with Chriss Winston, HarperCollins Publishers, 2002


   I knew that J. C. Watts Jr. was a congressman, a Republican, and black.  That was about all until now.  J. C. transcribes his life and politics in a manner that almost casts a spell on the reader.  Once you read a few pages you don't want to put the book down and on the other hand you don't want the story to end.  In fact that is what happened.  the book ends on page 275, but the story is only nicely started.  Follow J.C.'s life as it begins on the "wrong" side of the tracks in Eufaula, Oklahoma and continues through many rewarding experiences including four terms as a congressman representing Oklahoma's fourth district.  Why has this person achieved so much and been successful in helping so many?  Was it because of his humble beginnings?  yes in way.  However I conclude that the one greatest lesson of the many his family taught him was never ever think of yourself as a victim.  You can achieve everything you dream in this great country with dedication, hard work and trust in God.  No matter who you are, or where in life you find yourself, reading the message that J.C. Watts Jr. shares will enlighten you and make your burdens less heavy.   






   This is a most revealing account of the only person who was appointed secretary of defense in two different administrations.  When he was appointed in Nov. 1975 he was the youngest person to ever hold this important position. When he was appointed in Jan. 2001 it is almost certain that he could never have predicted what would happen just nine months later. It is then that he became the lead figure on the war on terrorism.  "The best a statesman can do is to listen to the footsteps of God, get a hold of the hem of his cloak, and walk with him a few steps of the way." (a quote by Otto Van Bismarck)

 This about says it all about Rumsfeld. 





  WHEN CHARACTER WAS KING (A Story of Ronald Reagan)  by Peggy Noonan, Viking Publishing 2001

    The Wall Street Journal argues that the secret of Reagan's success was no secret at all.  It was his character - his courage, his kindness, his persistence, his honesty, and his almost heroic patience in the face of setbacks - that was the most important element of his success. 

I found a portion of Reagan's speech to the British Parliament in June of 1982 most amazing.  It still applies today and makes me shiver.  "While we must be cautious about forcing the pace of change, we must not hesitate to declare our ultimate objectives, and to take concrete actions toward them.  We must be staunch in our conviction that freedom is not the sole prerogative of a lucky few, but the inalienable and universal right of all human beings."  The world is a much much better place today because Ronald Reagan never gave up and fought for what he believed was right.


Shut Up and Sing By Laura Ingraham, Regnery Publishing Inc, 2003

   WARNING, the elites from Hollywood, the UN and politicians are making every effort to subvert the America we know and love.  How is this happening, who are these elites, and why would any American want to undermine this great country?  The author answers these questions in detail and submits facts, that at least in her mind, supports her claims. These elites believe we should let UN be the ruling force in the world and the UN's doctrines take precedence over our Constitution.  They also expound that we should provide unlimited medical care, education and offer the same rights that our citizens have to illegal aliens.  The Hollywood bunch believe that since they are rich and famous that their political views should be forced on all Americans. Wrong!  There is little doubt that there are some liberals in the world trying to change our country and the author has documented the revolution fairly accurately.  The real question is whether this makes for a better America or not. But for sure natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks would have been wise to take the author's advice and "shut up and sing"