Getting and Keeping The Business 
Of The Lawn Care Professional


   There are many important tips on how to obtain and keep the business of the Lawn Care Professional.  First you must understand what it means to have their business and then you must decide whether this is the direction in which you want to take your business. 

   I have considerable experience in dealing with this area of the business and and help you through the details and make the decision.

   If you decide that this is an area in which you want to grow your business, I can help you attract and keep their business.  There are a number of positives about the commercial business and of course some negatives.

   It is my belief that this area of the OPE industry provides the brightest future of the independent dealer.  It does that dedication and commitment and a fair amount of capital, however it an be financially rewarding.


The Areas In Which I Can Help

  • Selecting the brands to sell

  • Setting up a Commercial Showroom

  • Equipment to stock

  • Demo programs

  • Sales promotions

  • Newsletters

  • Mailing list

  • Seminars and shows

  • Critical parts stocking

  • In-house accounts

  • Areas to avoid

  • Equipment financing

I have had the advantage of having operated a successful  
business that specialized in servicing both the independent 
lawn care professional and local  municipalities.  

In addition,  I also worked for the top local lawn care 
company and, believe me, that was an eye-opening experience! 

I can provide the necessary help you'll 
need to navigate these waters.


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