Safety of grounds equipment is often overlooked, or takes a back-seat when school systems or municipalities enact budget cuts.  In the “do more with less personnel” mentality so prevalent today,  safety becomes paramount.  Accidents are costly, from every standpoint. The good news is that accidents are preventable.  This seminar will provide the basis for a very effective safety program that makes personnel proactive towards safety, rather than reactive to an accident.

Equipment maintenance is often treated in much the same way as equipment safety, when budgets decline. The practice of “we will service it, when it breaks” is a very costly way of performing maintenance.  An organized routine Maintenance program is cost effective. Period!

The second half of this seminar will involve all associates in doing simple service checks that will add years of life to grounds and turf equipment.

The seminar is scheduled to cover the subjects in approximately two hours, and involves an interactive approach. The participants will find the seminar refreshing, educational and fun.

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